Database File

How to Download and Read Your Database File

1. Under Excel Reports will be your Database file.
2a. If your report has not yet been set up you will see a button that says “Set Up” (See Status Report Setup)
2b. If your status reports have been set you will see a “View Button”
3. When you click the “View” button, your files screen will appear and will be prompted to name and save your report before viewing.
4. You can edit your report details by click the “Edit” Button (see Update Report Defaults)

Viewing your Downloaded Database File

1. Once downloaded and saved an excel file will show in your download folder.
2. Open the file to view the Database File.
3. The Database file is broken down into three tabs

Summary: The summary tab includes an overall breakdown of:

  • Show type counts; total amount charged; total amount paid
  • Count of all payments by type and total paid
  • Count of all products sold,price of point of product, and total charged
  • Count of all demographic question and answers

Date tab:Includes all information entered in during registration process

  • Creation Date: Creation date of registrant record
  • Modified Date: Modified date of registrant record
  • Batch: Represented by 0 (no) or 1 (yes) if this record has been put in a batch for later payment
  • History ID: Unique ID if registrant.
  • Address Template information: All information pulled from active address template (See Address Templates)
  • ShowType: The show type code of the Registrant
  • Transaction Details: All information pulled from transaction page, including amount paid, amount charged, and form of payment.
  • Demographic Information: All answered demographic questions per registrant.
  • Product information: All selected products per registrant.

Problem Records Tab: This tab will include any and all problem records that required special attention. You can search each attendee by the given information.