Distribution Reports

Adding a Distribution Report

1. Under Update Report Defaults click the plus icon () in templates to begin a new distribution.
2. A menu will appear above titled New Distributions

Description Name:
Persons to Receive Report(multiple addresses separated by a semicolon):

Report Distributions

1. After naming and deciding who will receive the report distribution, the next step is to select what report and days the report is sent.
2. The reports available for distribution is featured in the list below. Each one can be sent out Monday-Sunday
3. Check the boxes the report will be sent out.
Purchase Report
Source Code Report
Source Code Report by Catalog
Demographic Report
Region Report
State Report
Customer Type Report Not Validated
Customer Type Report
Country Report

3. Click the save icon () to save all changes
4. To edit a saved template click the edit icon () under templates
5. To delete a saved template click the trash icon () under templates