Price Point Report

How to Download and Read Your Price Point Report

1. Under Excel Reports will be your Price Point Report.
2a. If your report has not yet been set up you will see a button that says Set Up (See Status Report Setup)
2b. If your status reports have been set you will see a View Button
3. Click View Button to download the excel report

Viewing your Price Point Report

1. Once downloaded and saved an excel file will show in your download folder.
2. Open the file to view the Price Point Report.
3. The Price Point Report is broken down into five tabs

Summary: The summary tab includes an overall breakdown of:

  • Total Amount Due
  • Net Paid
  • Balance Due
  • Total Amount Paid
  • Total Amount Refunded

Transaction Roster: The transaction roster takes in every transaction made during the course of your registration period, in addition to the information below

  • History ID: Unique ID if registrant.
  • Name: First and Last name of Registrant.
  • Company: The company of the registered attendee.
  • Payment Date:The date of when a payment was made
  • Payment Amount The total amount of that transaction.
  • Payment Information:The next six columns of the report contain the payers last 4 digits of credit card/check number; cardholder name; expiration date; payment type; approval code and request ID.
  • Show type:The registrants show type.
  • Total Amount charged: Total amount charged for this transaction
  • Total Amount Paid: Total amount paid for this transaction
  • Balance Amount: Any outstanding money owed or due
  • Campaign name: Name of campaign
  • Source Code: Source code the registrant used

Daily PaymentsThis tab includes every payment made by day and type including refunds.

Price Point Totals The price Point totals features each individual product at each price point, total amount due, net paid, and balance due.

  • Product Code The product code (this code may repeat if there are multiple prices for the same product)
  • Product Description: Detailed description of product
  • Quantity:Total quantity sold of each product
  • Product Price:The date of when a payment was made
  • Total Amount Due: The total amount of that transaction.
  • Net Paid
  • Balance Due

Over Under The Over Under tab includes and record that owes or is due money.