Update Report Defaults

Report Defaults

1. Updating your report defaults affects information in your Database File
2. Update your report defaults by selecting information the drop downs below.

Reports will include Data Thru: Select fromt he drop down how what time frame you wish to include your data from.
Include Non-Validated Records Select yes/no from the drop down if you wish to include records that have been validated or not.
Include Answer Text in DataFile Select yes/no from the drop down to include full answer text instead of answer codes in your report.
Include Product Text in Datafile: Select yes/no from the drop down to include full product text instead of product codes in your report.
First Day of Report Week Select from the drop down the day you wish to have your week begin.

3. Once all information is selected click the save icon () in the upper right of Reporting Defaults.


1. These templates will consist of your custom distributions.
2. See Distribution Reports.