Adding A Social Feed

Adding Social Feeds

1. Once logged into TPNI’s Platform, goto the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the site and select the client record you would like to work in.
2. Next, on the dropdown menu directly below the client, select the campaign you want to edit.
3. On the left hand side, select “Settings”
4. Next, select “Social Feeds”
5. Once the page loads, there is a line that reads, “Current Social Feeds” click the Plus Icon () to add a Social Feed

Social Feeds

1. Enter the name of the Social Feed you would like in the first box that reads, “Feed Name”. This could be something like “#ABC Twitter Feed”
2. In the next box, titled “Feed Type”, select from the dropdown menu which type you would like.
3. In the last box, you will insert the link to the feed you would like. Once you have finalized the details of your new Social Feed, click the Save Icon ()