Call to Actions

Adding and Updating Call to Actions

1. Add a new Call to Action by clicking the add icon ()
2. A menu will appear to the right “Call to Action Details”

Call to Action Name: Enter the name of your call to action here.
Action Link: Enter the link that your Call to Action will be connected to.
Logged-In Action Link:
Action Link (Text for Link): The text entered here will appear on your Call to Action.
Logged-In Action Link (Text for Link):
Open in New Window (not Pop-Up): Select yes/no from the drop down if you want the link to open a new window when clicked.
HTML Block 1…3: Enter in HTML to style your Call To Action
Logged in HTML Block 1…3:Enter in HTML to style your Logged-in Call To Action
Attende Menu ID:
Attendee Menu Stage(Blank for Default):
Insert Registration in Call to Action Block:
Insert Registration in Call to Action Block only if not Logged In:

3. Click the Save icon () to save your changes