Creating Asset Types

Creating Asset Types

1. Once logged into TPNI’s Platform, goto the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the site and select the client record you have just created.
2. Next, on the dropdown menu directly below the client, select the campaign you want to edit.
3. On the left hand side, select “Settings”
4. Next, select “Asset Types”
5. Once the page loads, there is a line that reads, “Current Asset Types” click the Plus Icon () to add an Asset Type

Asset Type

1. Enter the type of Asset you would like in the first box that reads, “Asset Type”. This could be something like a Video, Image, Article, Social Feed, etc.
2. In the next box, titled “Asset Name”, enter the name of the Asset. This could be the same as the Asset Type, or if you want it to be more specific you can give it a unique name
3. The next two boxes deal with Widget types. For more information on creating a Widget, please visit the help page titled “Creating A Widget”
4. In “Outpost Default Widget” select the appropriate widget. This is how the asset will appear when on your outpost page.
5. In “Generic Default Widget” select the appropriate widget. This is how the asset will appear on the generic version of your page.
6. Once you have finalized the details of your new Asset Type, click the Save Icon ()

6. Next, on the left hand toolbar select, “Assets”
7. On the upper right, under the dropdown for campaigns there is another dropdown that reads “Type To Add”. Click on the dropdown and select “Asset” then click the button to the right of the dropdown that reads “Add New Asset”

Add New Asset

1. The page will refresh and ask you for information about the asset you are adding. Midway down the screen, above the “Publish Date” there is a dropdown that reads “Asset Type” Click the dropdown menu and the new Asset type you just created will be an available option.
2. Once you finish entering all of your asset information, on the top right save your asset record by clicking on the save icon ()