Installing the Curation Tool

1. Click and drag the “Add to Outpost” button to your bookmarks.
2. Open the outpost from your bookmarks
3. An outpost editor will appear.

Title: This is the tittle of your new article
Categories: Select from the list of categories that your article will cover
Tags: Select from the list of created tags.
Comment: Enter in a brief description of the article

Campaign Details

1. Edit the boxes allow to match your curated article.

Campaign Name: The name of your Campaign
Campaign Description: The description of your campaign.
Base URL: The ULR of the main page of your outpost
Player URL: URL of your player page
Display as Pop-Up: Select yes or no if you want the Player to be a Pop-Up
Bookmarklet Thumb URL: A preview of the thumbnail image.
Upload Image: Upload a new image by clicking the select button; choose your file and click the upload button.

2. Click the save icon () in the upper right of the Campaign Details box