Search Assets

To Search for an Asset:

1. You can enter any information in the first field (Asset ID, Asset Title, Publish Date, etc) searching across all entered information.
2. You can enter information if you know specifically the Asset ID number, Asset Title, Publish Date, etc. By putting this information in their corresponding fields, it will make your search results more specific, but it may also make finding the Asset harder if you have any of the fields wrong.
3. After entering the information, you can click Search or Clear

Search Results:

1. Once you search, you will be shown the Assets that meet the search criteria
2. You can sort by Title and Date.

Individual Assets

1. Each Asset has its own box with its information

Title: Title of the Asset
Date:  The publish date of the Asset

2. You can do the following to each Attendee Record

View: Views the asset in the appropriate outpost.
Edit: Edit the current Asset
Delete: Delete the selected Asset

Editing an Asset

1. Find the Asset you wish to edit and click EDIT
2. You will be brought to a new page Asset Details

Asset Name: Name of the Asset
Detailed  Description: Detailed description of the Asset
Brief Description: Teaser description of the asset (about 150 characters)
Asset Image: Thumbnail image of the uploaded image
Upload Image: Use this field to upload an image for your asset.

1. click the select button to choose a file from your computer
2. Select the image you wish to use.
3. Click open
4. Click the Upload Now button.
5. your image will populate on the left.

Link: Place the link that you wish to have the uploaded image lead to.
Alternate Link:
Asset Type: Choose an what type of Asset this is.
Publish Date: Select the publish date of this Asset
Active Date: Select the Active date of this Asset
Expiration Date: Select the expiration date of this Asset
Login Required: Select yes/no from the drop down if a login is required for this Asset
Searchable: Select yes/no from the drop down if this Asset will be searchable
strong>Call To Action: Select from the drop down a Call to Action.
Display Call To Action at Video End: Select yes/no if you want to display the select “Call to Action”
Tags: Select the associated tags for this Asset
Categories:Select the associated Categories for this Asset

5. Click the Save Icon () to save your changes