Address Templates

Address Templates

1. To Add new address templates click the plus icon () on the upper right of the current template box.

2. To Edit a Current Address Template click the default template “Attendee” on the left hand side under Current Templates.

3. The selected address field will populate on the right with fields to edit

Template Name: Here you can edit the Template name that best suits your needs.

# of Extra Fields: Select a number of extra fields you desire for addition information (mobile phone; emergency contact; emergency contact name; etc)

4. Click the Save Icon () on the upper right in Header Information.

Editing Selected Address Templates

1. In the “Details” Information, address field will populate on the right including (First Name, Last Name; Company; City; State; Email; etc.)
2. To edit each field Click on the edit () an edit box will appear above Details

Field:The field that an entry will fall under in all reporting
Text: Entry here is what shows on html pages
Sort Order: Where the Item will fall in the address information page.
List Name: Choose a custom list to populate an entry
Default Value: A pre-entered entry can be entered here
Required: Check to make an entry required for this field
Editable: Check to enable editing for this Field
Use as Input Field: Check to have this field appear on contact page
Validate: Check to ensure valid entry (E-mail, Source code)
Drop Down: Check to make field feature a drop down (best used with custom list)

Fields of Entry:

First Name
Last Name
Zip Code
Source Code

3. Click the Save Icon () on the upper right in Address Detail.