Attendee Register Application

Editing your Default Menu Flow

1. Adding stages to your “Default Registration Flow” by clicking the add icon ()
2. A menu will appear above “Menu Flow Details”

Stage Number This number is auto populated in where this stage will fall in the registration flow
Stage Name The name of the particular stage

Available Stage Names:


Use HTML Page Select from the drop down to use the matching HTML page
HTML Page to Display Choose from the drop down of your available HTML pages.
Product StageChoose if this stage is your product stage from the drop down
Guest Stage Select yes/no from the drop down if this stage is a guest stage
Optional Session Stage Select from the drop down if this stage can be skipped.
Hotel Stage Select from the drop down if this stage will be used as hotel selection

3. Click save in the upper right hand corner
4. To edit your existing “Default Registration Flow” click the edit icon ()
5. A menu will appear above. Please see above instructions
6. To delete a stage click on the trash icon ()

Editing your Current Menu

1. To add a new menu group name click the plus icon ()
2. a Menu will expand

Group Name
Welcome text
Footer Text
Header Text
Header File
Footer File
Step 1 Logo
Step 1 Text

Step 5 Logo
Step 5 Text

3. Click the save icon ()
4. Expand the current menu group to and click “New Menu Option”
5. On the right under menu details you can begin entering the menu details

Menu Details

Menu Name
Menu Reg Types
Address Template

Webcast Setting

Producer (PRD)
Slide Group
Live Embed

Advanced settings

Cancelled Reg Type
Guest Reg Type
Guest Address Template
Include Member Lookup Functionality:
Include Refer A Friend Functionality:
Menu Url (Closed Page)

Menu Flow

1.To edit menu flow click on the Edit Icon ()
2. A Menu Flow Details will appear above.

6. Click the save icon () in the upper right of “Menu Details”

Stage Overrides

1. To add a “Stage Override”click the plus icon() on the right
2. The Menu Override Details will populate above

Stage for Override
Key Field
Key Value
Override Optional Session Stage:

3. Click the Save Icon () in the upper right of “Menu Override Details”
4. To Edit Override click on the edit icon() under Stage Overrides

Attendee Buttons

1. To add an Attendee Button click the plus icon on “Attendee Buttons” ()
2. A “Button Details” Menu will appear above.

Button Name
Button Text
Css Class
On Mouse Out
On Mouse Over

3. Click save in the upper right of “Button Details”
4. To Edit Button click on the edit icon ()