Customize your Export Layout

Adding a New Field

1. Click the add icon () to begin editing your export layout.
2. An Export Column menu will appear above.
3. Choose a numaric value for a the column section
4. Choose a field from the drop down

A list will be pre-populated with a default export layout.
Show_Reg.CreationDate: The creation date of a record
Show_Reg.ModifiedDate: The date the record was last modified
Show_Reg.History_Id: The unique ID each record has
Attendee.Firstname: The record’s first name
Attendee.Lastname: The record’s last name
Attendee.MiddleInt: The record’ middle initial (if applicable)
Attendee.Nickname: The record’s nick name (if applicable)
Attendee.Prefix: The record’s prefix (Mr, Mrs, Ms)
Attendee.suffix: the record’s suffix (Dr, PhD, MD, etc)
Attendee.Title: The record’s title
Attendee.Company: The record’s company
Attendee.Street1: the first street address
Attendee.Street2: The second street address (usually a suit number)
Attendee.City: The record’s city
Attendee.State: The record’s state
Attendee.Zip: The record’s zipcode
Attendee.Country: The record’s country
Attendee.Telephone: The record’s telephone
Attendee.Fax: The record’s fax number
Attendee.Email: The record’s Email address
Show_Reg.Showtype: The record’s showtype
Show_Reg.SourceCode: The record’s Source Code
Show_Reg.AmountPaid: The amount paid by the record
Show_Reg.AmountCharged:The amount charged by the record
Show_Reg.Verified: Wether or not the record has been printed (marked by 1:yes/0:no)
Show_reg.Extra1….Show_reg.Extra12: populated by any extra field that was used.

5. Enter in the header text you wish to see on the report
6. Click save icon() in upper right of Status Report menu
7. Click the Trash icon() next to each entry to delete an existing entry.
8. Click the Edit icon() next to each entry to edit an existing entry.