Email Templates

Adding a New Email Template

1. On the right of Reoccurring Distributions Click the plus icon () to start the one time distributions process.

2. A window will appear above to edit your information. Editing your emails is much like editing an HTML Pages.

Save As: The name of your Email Template
Subject: The subject of the email your registrant will see in their email.
Insert Merge Field: Choose from a drop down list of merge fields to include in your email template.

3. Click save icon () in upper right to save changes

4. Click “Send Sample” button to send your self a test example

5. To edit existing ‘Email Templates’ click on the edit icon ()

    • When creating event there are several email templates available for you to edit
    • Emails Include:

Email: Email template that will be sent to registrants
Final Page: Final page that is seen at the end of registration (Final.html pulls this page using merge field [[confirmation]]
Final Email Reminder: Final email reminder template
Pending Email: Email template that can be sent to unfinished records