Event Maintanence

To edit your Event Maintanence:

1. Click on a tab you would like to edit. By default you should see the General Tab

General Tab:

Event Name: Name for the event (try to be specific. Example: TPN January 14 Webinar)
Location: Location where the event will take place.
Portfolio: Which of your clients, show types would you like this categorized in. Note: Your drop down menu is divided by “Portfolios” under “My Campaigns.”
Zip Code: Zip Code where the event will take place.
Start Date/ End Date: When the event will take place
Show Email Address:
Campaign Cost: Budget for this campaign.
Call Center #: If you would like to list a call center phone number on the registration site, please enter here.
Industry: Provide an industry for your audience.
Event Contact: If you would like to list a contact/ email addresss on the registration site, please enter it here.
Customer Campaign ID:
Venue Name: Enter Venue name, if Webinar, leave blank.
Venu Address, City, Country, Zip: Information for Venue.
Display Start Date/End Date: When the registration site is visible online.
Event Description: Brief Description about event.
Auto Close Site: Select YES if you would like the site to close once registration is complete.
Event Close Date/Time: When is the registration site closed.
Close Page File: To direct customers to a specific page once registration is complete, please provide URL.


Header/Footer Files: File used as a header or footer for registration site. These files may contain custom CSS/ JS/ HTML links, sources, code. (admin only)
Group Entry Header/Footer Files: Files used as header or footers on exhibitor management or speaker sites. These files may contain custom CSS/ JS/ HTML links, sources, code. (admin only)

Transaction Tab:

Credit Card Processor: Select from the drop down the authorization platform you would like to use. By default, our system processes through AuthorizeNet.
Credt Card Processor Method: Select from the drop down how transactions should be processed.
Check Policy: Please supply instructions regarding a Check Policy for pending customers.
Cancellation Policy: Please provide instructions regarding the Cancellation Policy for customers wishing to cancel their registration.
Approval Message: For a custom approval message, once transaction is successful, enter here.
Decline Message: For a custom declined message, enter here.
Retry Credit Card: Select YES/NO if card can be retried once declined.
# of times to Retry: Enter amount of time card can be processed if declined.
Max Retry of Bad Credit Card Msg: For a custom approval message, if card is declined to many times, enter here.
Include Pay Pal: Select YES/NO if paypal is a payment option.
Ask for Seperate Billing Address: Select YES/NO to show seperate billing fields on transaction page.
Display Payment Logos: Select YES/NO to show list of accepted payments.
Display Security Code: Select YES/NO to show the actual security code versus dots.

3. Click on the Save Icon () in the tools section of your Event Detail Box.