Manage Imports

Manage Your Imports

1. Add a new import by clicking on the plus icon to the right ()
2. A menu will drop down with the title “New Import”
3. Several import file templates can be downloaded by click the links on the right

Exhibiting Company / Contact / Booth Personnel Combo Import Layout
Exhibitor Records With Companies Already Registered
Exhibitor Imports Layout
General Imports Layout
Source Code Imports Layout
Gcm MemberShip Layout
Authorize.Net Import Layout

4. Once the appropriate template is chosen and completed it must be saved as a tab delimited file
5. On the right hand side there will be a drop down of the list above. Select from the dropdown the option that matches your import.
6. Select an email address for a notification to be sent to that the email has been completed.
7. Select the file you wish to import.
8. Click the save icon () the upper right to begin the import.

Import Management

1. Here you will see the status of any import created