One Time Distributions

Adding a One time Distribution

1. On the right of One Time Distributions Click the plus icon () to start the one time distributions process.

2. A window will appear to edit your information

Distribution Name: The name of your Distribution
Distribution Type: Choose if the distribution is one email, a 24 hour distribution or a reminder email.
Document to Email: Choose from the drop down the email template you have created for the distribution.
Send to: Select from the drop down who is receiving the email, a registrant, exhibitor, or sales person
Email Address: Enter the email that this email is being sent from
Sender/From email Name: Enter who the email is coming from
“BCC” Email Address
Seed Email Address: This email address will be sent the first email of distribution to ensure the email has been sent.
Starting Date: Enter the Start date of the email mm/dd/yyyy
Starting Time: Enter the Start Time of the of email to be sent out 00:00 AM/PM
Ending Date: Enter the End Date of the email to be sent out mm/dd/yyyy
Ending Time: Enter the End Time of the of email to be sent out 00:00 AM/PM
Distribution Status: This section will tell you if the Distribution has is pending, approved, or completed
Server to Email From: Choose from the drop down the proper mail server to use.
Distribution Dupe Criteria
Suppression Filter
Sales Person’s Email Address
Filter Type:

Choosing a Custom Filter

  1. Field To filter on: These options consist of different merge fields used throughout the registration process. You can choose a filter based one what criteria you wish to email an attendee on, whether its an answer to specific demographic question, showtype, amount paid, etc
  2. Value to Filter on:Enter the answer, showtype code, amount paid, etc in this area
  3. Operator to Use:Select from several option that best fist your filter (equal to, less than/equal to, great than, etc.)
  4. Merge Filter: Click merge filter to merge together your selections

3. Click save icon () in upper right to save changes

4. Click “Send Sample” button to send your self a test example

5. Click “Get Number of Records” button to see exactly how many people will receive email.

6. Click “Add Shows” button if you wish to include previous shows in distribution.