Reoccuring Distributions

Adding a Reoccuring Distribution

1. On the right of Reoccurring Distributions Click the plus icon () to start the one time distributions process.

2. A window will appear to edit your information

Distribution Name: The name of your Distribution
Document to Email: Choose from the drop down the email template you have created for the distribution.
Person to Email Select from the drop down who is receiving the email, a registrant, exhibitor, or sales person
‘From’ Email Address: Enter the email that this email is being sent from
Sender/From email Name: Enter who the email is coming from
Starting Date: Enter the Start date of the email mm/dd/yyyy
Starting Time: Enter the Start Time of the of email to be sent out 00:00 AM/PM
Ending Date: Enter the End Date of the email to be sent out mm/dd/yyyy
Ending Time: Enter the End Time of the of email to be sent out 00:00 AM/PM
Server to Email From: Choose from the drop down the proper mail server to use.
Filter Type: Select from the dropdown to send to ‘All records’ or ‘Custom Filter’

Choosing a Custom Filter

  1. Field To filter on: These options consist of different merge fields used throughout the registration process. You can choose a filter based one what criteria you wish to email an attendee on, whether its an answer to specific demographic question, showtype, amount paid, etc
  2. Value to Filter on:Enter the answer, showtype code, amount paid, etc in this area
  3. Operator to Use:Select from several option that best fist your filter (equal to, less than/equal to, great than, etc.)
  4. Merge Filter: Click merge filter to merge together your selections

3. Click save icon () in upper right to save changes

4. Click “Send Sample” button to send your self a test example

5. To edit existing ‘Reoccuring Distribution’ click on the edit icon ()